Comic 377 - Chapter Cover
19th Oct 2013, 12:59 AM in Poison
Chapter Cover
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Let's head into the final chapter!

Originally, last chapter was combined with this chapter, but that felt clunky.
User comments:
so, you got plans to dazzle us with something new when this is over?

Is color as hard as it was in Ch1?
Gonna admit, you've come pretty darn far in a surprising short time.

No substitute for actual practice, huh ?
But an end is always certain,
though the method's unclear!

So is the end forever?
Are we beginning to be done?
Will our separate paths all end,
or will we all become one?

If we've an eternity to be finished,
let's procrastinate a bit more.
There's no need to stop the party,
till we're ushered out the door!
Ah, well, as long as he tells us if/when/where he starts on a new project, then I'll be happy to follow that too. :)
It'll probably be on this site, just under a different banner.
Three splitter cables! She has her memory port plugged in!
Wow, we're already at the final chapter? It feels like this comic only just started a few days ago...
I'd like to donate towards your next venture - loving your stories, reminds me a bit of the pacing from Flipside.
As redditor I have to say that there are a lot of people that love your comics especially cheer with its pace and character development. There is a long comment chain on your comics link in reddit and I'd like to say that there are a lot of people who want a sequal to your comic cheer including me! I just want to ask if you'll be doing a sequal and if you are how soon will you post it because it is really hard to find comics like yours with perfect pace and character development!
But there is a lot of people who like your work, wont you continue nsfw comics anymore? And I guess your answer is no to my question if you'll be doing a sequal to cheer?
thats true :D but what I mean is actually hard to explain if you want you should look at this link these are the comments about views comic cheer
I tried to do some sequels, but they turned out boring.
thank you for replying quickly. By the way love your comics
Sad to see it end, but already looking forward to what comes next!
Well, when View says that it will end "soon" .. he probably means in another 50-100 pages or so, or possibly even more. XD

Methinks, he likes to stick to his own pace, rather than going by everyone's elses definition of "soon".
Eh, don't limit yourself though ... if a good ending takes 60 pages instead of 50 .. that's fine too.

We, your faithful readers, wouldn't mind a few more pages. :D
However if for some reason the material ends up only 40 pages of you usual high quality , I am sure nobody will be disappointed.