Comic 376 - Teeth
17th Oct 2013, 10:09 PM in Some Small Fights
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Whew, busy busy.
User comments:
Teeth? Why teeth? What about ... All of him?
I think he means teeth as a metaphor for being a merciless killer.

Basically, Ayata has made him "soft" and "wimpy" and "toothless".
Ayata's neck seems to get longer and longer. I swear it wasn't so long before.
Her neck changes length quite a bit. I think it is a bit like E.T.'s, but not so extreme.
I have to agree - our favorite mini giraffe had a neck not even half that long at the beginning of the tale.
This is the first time there's been so much emphasis on her neck, so the change is less noticeable than some other things. But now I'm wondering how it bends and stuff. Is it flexible like a snake? Or is it all stiff?
It's stiff.

Her neck probably has (artistically) changed a bit, but a big part of this is that she's sitting down and hunched over a bit.
I think, his "teeth" his in reference to his ability to kill her; she mind controlled his ass!
I think she only "mind controlled" him in the way that all men are controlled. He just didn't have it in him any more.
Good night sweet prince. May a thousand angel sing thee to thy rest.

I worried what will become of Daisy.
Well, as tough as Strakh is, I'm sure daisy is tougher.
I'm sure Daisy will take to her new job as Guardian of Humanity like a fish to water. :)
I wonder if she'll see Ayata as a threat to civilization if she ever learns of her nature.

Then again, I don't think she's terribly invested in guarding civilization.
I suspect that Daisy is good at adapting, or else she would never have survived to adulthood.

And if adapting means accepting Ayata for what she is, I'm sure Daisy can deal with that too.
Hmm, well this makes Ayata a bit more sinister than before.
Ayata could take Daisy to her world for protection/ police detail as needed to handle off world'er threats.