Comic 375 - Apologies
16th Oct 2013, 10:03 PM in Some Small Fights
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And this is why View had his evil laugh on in the comment section of this comic when Bellar asked about Telepathy vs. Psychers.
Hrm .. seems like I got logged out, that was me posting in the post above.
Well I didn't see that one coming. It's funny, I've never really paid too much attention to her neck until this moment though. I knew it was long and slender, but slim enough to be strangled with one hand?
Frankly, I'm surprised he managed to catch her neck, given that he is blind.

Maybe he had some luck, on top of guessing where she was from her voice.
Oh noooo ayata. But she's so the best!
Well, I guess Strakh has his priorities straight. I guess this might be Burbic nature as well, mind control = kill on sight. Otherwise I can't really see anyone trying to kill the person who just saved your ass from spess marines.
Well, given that he's currently blind, I doubt he saw them. However, since he's inquiring her about controlling minds, he probably heard them.
I'm guessing that Strakh's death will not make Iri very happy.

Which begs the question, how quickly is his strength ebbing away? Will he die of his wounds or will Ayata be forced to put him down?
I'm sure we'll find out *tomorrow*
I don't think she will be happy. She may fear him for what she did to him. But I get the feeling that he is more useful to her alive, and she did not really want to hert him that bad to begin with.
I'd go with "Let go of my neck" .. if she can say anything.

Offcourse, we don't know if she needs to vocalise in order to use her powers.
a question View, do you read other Web comic?
i found your last comic a while ago( from go get a roomie if i remeber well) and yours is one of those comic i keep on reading (idk why, ause i like it maybe) so, if you read other webcomic, maybe i will find the very interesting too
I didn't know there was a link to any of my stuff from Go Get A Roomie...

I read a huuuuge number of webcomics. I'd say I have about 90 active webcomics in my feed. But not all of them are good.
i don't remember well, but i think it wasn't a direct link from go get a roomie, but a link to another webcomic with a link to another one... until i found yours
This is a lovely page.

Now I'm going to go over all of Ayata's previous dialogue and look for double-meanings.
p 53 is the first obvious use, but kindness and charisma can explain it the same.