Comic 372 - Fuck!
13th Oct 2013, 6:04 PM in Some Small Fights
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I'm still really sick, but I am sick of not putting out pages.
User comments:
Is she allowed to administer first aid to a combatant?
A dramatic bloody mess!

[May your equilibrium continue to return.]
Yeah, he's to hoping for a quick return to good health .. you and Strakh both.
I'm with you Strakh. The other guy cheated. I hope the proper punishment is dealt to him, though the skull bashing is a fair start. Yes.

Just keep fighting the sickness with both hands and plenty of liquids!
Aw, I've grown rather fond of Strakh of late.

He's kind of a beast - going after and killing a hunter solo, even if he did get shot doing it.
He has certainly grown as a character lately.
I'm not sure if I would call him likable, but he is entertaining, and would like to see more with him.
Well, view certainly made him a sympathetic minor-antagonist. Here's to hoping that bullet missed the immediately fatal bits, I'm sure pirate lord medical plans cover this sort of thing.