Comic 371 - Huff!
9th Oct 2013, 9:35 PM in Some Small Fights
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Agreed, it does look good and it has lots of detail and a moody atmosphere.
Heck, it even seems to have started raining.
Gotta give it to Strakh, he's keeping the preassure up on that hunter really well, despite being blind.
I think I have seen those couches before.

ok, a bit more dirty and disheveled.
All houses and buildings are decorated 95% by couches.
92% of all furniture is couches (or comprised of an assembly of couches), so that's not much of a stretch. I thought this was supposed to be an ALIEN culture? Talk about lazy writing.
It is alien! They are almost 8% MORE obsessed with couches!
Next thing you know, they'll weaponize the couches !
Watch out world!
Dear god, what have we introduced to the universe... then again, I'm sure other beings must have invented the couch either before or after we did. Just means we have all been sitting a a more literal time bomb for god knows how long.
Hmm, Hunter inexperienced with a new weapon, vs. guy who is already in whacking distance with an easy to use one...
Well, the poor hunter is on the ropes and is grasping for a gun, something which hunters aren't supposed to use .. I wonder if there is a penalty for that in hunter society ?

Iri seemed quite against guns and grenades.
Kain Yusanagi
Mmm.... That glow aroudn Strakh a few comics back was gnarly. Wonder if it was just a visual of him getting angry... Or something else. I'm betting on the latter. :o

BTW, View, could I get the last panel of 354 separated and blown up? It's pretty awesome.