Comic 370 - Smash!
7th Oct 2013, 10:24 PM in Some Small Fights
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User comments:
Just waiting for Strakh to get a chance to take a bite out of that hunter <.<

If that door leads outside I imagine said hunter might quickly find himself without cover.
I'm betting a hunter's ability to see and more importantly - effectively use - futures quickly degrades when you get close enough they start panicking though.
The more options there are, the harder it is to see. When a fight starts, the number of options explodes and sight diminishes.
Well if his ass is bigger the next frame he is in we will know he had the crap scared out of him! LOL
Interesting, it looks like Strakh is using the rebar as a blind mans cane - Seems like he learned to use one before the mad psycher connected a bird to him.
I'm sorry, but when I saw The Hunter's pose for going out the door I couldn't help but laugh.
I still feel like she has a part to play in the actual fighting somehow.