Comic 369 - Fetch
6th Oct 2013, 9:59 PM in Some Small Fights
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User comments:
The question is: Did he see that coming?
Nope. Probability shadows are thickest in their area.

But I bet you he gets a close up look at that bit of steel rebar in a moment.
If Ayata was involved it'd be harder for him to predict as it sounds like she messes with probability. Empath? As it is, Strakh just introduced some chaos by making a random throw. He wasn't aiming for anything, which meant that said energy that Iri mentioned wasn't focused in a way that the hunter could use. It might be with the swing, but that relies on him not being distracted with the other futures, like Iri was with the genehorror and hunter traces.
Was the hunter guy, with being able to see a multitude of alternate outcomes, fooled by the old "look over there" gag? Talk about hindsight, that or hubris.

Though have a feeling Strakh is a lot more level headed, and knows a thing or two on how to deal with psychers, least would think after a previous encounter with Iri.
I think there's no doubt that Strakh is smarter than many give him credit for.
Also a lot stronger.

I wonder if he can hit the pillar hard enough to make it fall on the hunter ?