Comic 368 - Yelling
4th Oct 2013, 11:15 PM in Some Small Fights
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Author Notes:
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I thought about working in "We should call you 'Bastrawkh!'"

But it didn't work out.
User comments:
This could go either way! Or Strakh is just really beyond angry and gets reckless.
My guess is that the Hunter is going to slip on Strakh's space drool.
Oh damn, son. Strakh just kicked it up a notch.
Dear god, what the hell did that idiot do?! I truly believe that not only he doesn't live in any of his futures, but he isn't going to have a quick death.
I agree, Strakh is well and truly pissed now.
On top of that, he's strong enough to rip a steelbar out of a perfectly good wall.

That's not a good combination to be facing.
Now's when Ayata serves up this hunter on a plate to Strakh, and gives us all chills.
Ayata nonchalantly walks up behind him and surprises us all with some kind of special ability no one saw coming, like a Vulcan contact telepathy turning his own psycher abilities against him by showing him every potential future in which he dies a horrible death simultaneously which causes him to have a traumatic mental breakdown.
But he can see the future. I think he'd see it coming.
Well, there has been much speculation on what ayata's people has as fighting perk, and I think a snake like poison could be a definite possibility.
I seem to remember that Pinky got shot with a very unusual poison, would be interesting if that was the Mini Giraffe poison.

- However -

All she need to do, is guide Strakh to the hunter, hence why Iri asked her to help Strakh hunt hunters.
Offcourse, if she does that, she's no longer a noncombattant.

Alternatively, she could just tie his shoelaces together.
Doesn't matter how good he is at seeing futures if he cannot run away from Strakh.
To be fair there has been some indication that she may cast a lot of shadows or otherwise cloud things - though Iri flatly denied it.

I imagine, and this is just my thoughts, being the primary representative of her species, and the only one who's attached herself (or been scooped up by) the PM war party her fate has to cast a lot of shadows because she represents her species immediate fate (in terms of where the war goes, not like they all live or die by her choice - though with Unity camping out in the clouds I suppose that's possible as well)

Anyway... past my bed time.
Perhaps that's another part of her hidden talents. She's invisible to probability shadows. Now wouldn't that be a surprise to someone so accustomed to being able to see everything that may come his way, someone he can't see at all.

But I suppose you're right, Iri was able to see her when she was divining potential outcomes. I'll just have to sit back and wait to see what Iri saw in Ayata's future that would make her useful for Hunter Hunting.
I was just thinking what the surprise would be if there was one here, but it may be that there is none.
Love this page. You've done so well making that look/sound/feel incredibly painful for Strakh.

I'd say more but rather than speculating I'll wait to see how this goes.