Comic 367 - Pas de Deux
3rd Oct 2013, 9:46 PM in Some Small Fights
Pas de Deux
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Just two panels, because it's difficult to cram them into smaller panels.
User comments:
Makes me wonder about that space magic that attached the bird in the first place.
There's no way that's the first time anyone's tried to yank the bird off him.
He hasn't really had the bird very long. After all, it happened after Iri sheared his face off, which happened after the temple closed down, so it's only been a year or two.
Oh, huh, I didn't realize it happened so recently.
I don't know, I see a wire stil connecting the bird going back to behind his shoulder. That could cause some major pain and disorientation, and sounds kinda terrifying. Way worse than going blind.
Yeah, the wire is probably the fused nerve .. but ... it is awfully taut, and may break real soon.

On the plus side, the hunter doesn't have his sword right now - And he might not be able to teleport it to his hand, like Iri can.
The Hunter is choking his chicken!
Oh, that JERK! Why doesn't he just stop fighting and die like a good little cyborg?