Comic 366 - Clash
1st Oct 2013, 10:09 PM in Some Small Fights
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User comments:
You show them your space pirate martial arts you crazy space pirate you
It's space pirate ass-kickin'. There's no "martial" or "art" involved!
There are a lot of over extended things near the edge of that blade!
I don't change any plot points due to user comments. Occasionally I'll add a line or a panel if it's clear people are misunderstanding something, though.
I'd bet on Strakh living through this encounter -- winning is perhaps a little too optimistic.
Getting the feeling this isn't the cream of the Hunter crop.
Probably not, but he's doing okay considering how poorly the cream has done when they've been fighting amid Iri's probability shadows.
That's a good point ... but then, Strakh is kinda mental and that probably makes him hard to read too.