Comic 364 - Entries
29th Sep 2013, 7:07 PM in Some Small Fights
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I still can't get used to seeing someone else wear Iri's outfit. I automatically expect frizzy red hair, but then I see purple and get confused.
Purple? Cyborg outfit is light blue mostly and Ayata's skin in sea-foam green.(?)
Ayata isn't wearing Iri's jumpsuit, the other hunter is. The one they're chasing. With purple skin.
Question : How can Strakh kick in the door that the hunter just cut open ?

Space magic or different door?
Awww, I thought I had made it clear that they went in different doors.
I think it was clear - it's just so intuitive to expect Strakh to follow through the same door since Strakh is chasing the hunter that it's easy to disregard the visual cues.
I agree about the chase, but maybe Strakh has better knowledge/intel of the buildings in his area, so he is able to plan to intercept.

The dumpster next to one door, and a window and trashcan next to the other were pretty good visual cues...At least to me.
If you consider it for a second, I think you'll agree that chasing that hunter through a doorway is just asking to get cut in half.
Oh trust me - as soon as I considered it was a second door I could think of many good reasons not to follow your target through a door. Especially a hunter.
Hrmm .. I must've smoked too much salmon to miss all that ..
I imagine killing hunters is rather therapeutic for Strakh.
Maybe everytime he shoots someone in that suit, he imagines that it's Iri.