Comic 363 - Bang bang bang!
27th Sep 2013, 10:14 PM in Some Small Fights
Bang bang bang!
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Again, some panels better than others. Gumph.
User comments:
Targeting must be somewhat complicated.

[If you make one panel better each day,
you will be perfect by next week.]
Well, I couldn't get it to turn out any better, so that's good.
Sure, I could nitpicket at details, but overall it works, and that's the important bit. :)
Driving Miss Daisy.

Not a shotgun, but Strakh still called it.
Heh, nice namedrop on Daisy there.

And yeah, Strakh is smarter than many gives him credit for. No wonder Ayata feels nervous around him, he'd be a dangerous bastard if he got angry with her.
Actually the panels are good. Stark reality of war and defeat.
Yeah, poor unity mook just can't catch a break.

Actually, since he's wearing the same suit as Iri does, he might not be an actual mook .. he just didn't expect a Red Ripper Guardian of Humanity.
I really like the feel of this page. I like the creepy and gloomy atmosphere. It's evocative of the feeling of suddenly finding oneself alone on a gloomy street in a frightening situation.
That's what I was aiming for, although it's kind of muddy and awkward.
One moment he's among friends, in armor and with two APC's next to him .. the next ? Not so much.
Add in a crumbling house with a big hole in it, and he's realizing that things aren't going well ... and then Strakh starts shooting at him. :D

Lucky for him, Strakh's aim isn't what it used to be.