Comic 362 - Rip
26th Sep 2013, 10:05 PM in Some Small Fights
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Annoying. I couldn't get this page to come out right.
User comments:
Had to view panel 2 and 3 to fully get what happens in pannel 1, but they are all on one page so no problem. Happens to all comics with good art some times :-).

Unless you are annoyed by something else, you are your own worst critic again.
Perhaps you could have tried a custom paneling shape for this, hexagons etc...
Why didn't they go to heavy mode? Could have stayed stable and on the ground if heavy enough.
That's SF tech, these are Unity soldiers. They're not even wearing power armor, just armor-armor.

... but I should probably make that clear.
Got it, I thought all or most troops had equal tech.
So, uh, there were two hunters, one died in the first attack, and the other one is more or less cowering right now, from what I understand.
Is the spinal ridge acting as a heatsink? Is it glowing red because it's dumping a whole lot of excess heat while Daisy does extraordinary things?

I like it. I still like it even if I'm wrong and it's just red because it looks cool.