Comic 360 - Daisy at Bat
24th Sep 2013, 10:19 PM in Some Small Fights
Daisy at Bat
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Oh, I finally figured out the rules for the RPG. I really like them, but, eh, RPG books are a lot of work.
User comments:
dont forget the rules for zero-g fighting B-)
I wouldn't want to be in the target zone when Daisy lets loose.
Charging........ Charging complete.
I would like to see these rules you speak of! *RPG nerd*
I haven't really gotten the description polished, yet, but it's not a standard system.
So what is Diasy's glow the result of? Fire or some radioactive glow?
I should have known it would be that.

Actually, I'm somewhat surprised it wasn't "Yes!"
Poor Strakh, he seems almost disappointed. I mean not everyday, even for a pirate, where you get to say stuff like that.

Daisy getting all fired up and ready to smoke them.
Does someone become a pirate because they ENJOY killing people? Or because they like money, infamy, and respect/people being scared of them?

More hints that something is unusual with our fishy-esque friend.
To be fair, his ability to make quick decisions is starting to show. The very qualities that makes him a great pirate, are also some of the qualities that makes a good leader.
Does that mean that iri put lots of probability shadows on Ayata, or is this a hint to Ayata's secret whatever?
It's something Iri mentioned earlier. Ayata "expands" her shadows when she talks with other people. Might not really be psychic, but since she does have an effect on others, I wouldn't put it past Ayata to have some "space magic" of her own.