Comic 358 - Target
22nd Sep 2013, 6:30 PM in Some Small Fights
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Author Notes:
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Ugh, it ended up looking cheap.
User comments:
Cheap huh ?
Cheap is good, less artillery striking then. :)

Also, Strakh cares about the noncombattants. :)
Well I guess one good thing about my laptop dying for 2 months is that I get to come back to dozens of swell Space pulp comics!
seems like it could benefit from a little more contrast in the shading so that the vessels (?) are more distinguished from the surface they're on
Seems like a problem with showing big shots of military equipment. Either it looks like actual military stuff and very samey and grey or it looks like a bunch of super soaker guns had a baby with a nerf toy. Hard to find a middle ground there.
I always figure the solution to this in Sci-fi is to go with decorative jobs that the soldiery have done, and to excuse lack of camouflage with the idea that detection of military craft is unavoidable, you just have to counter enemy fire when it comes.
Like the WH40k justification that it's better to be distinctive and cut down on friendly fire.