Comic 356 - So Similar
19th Sep 2013, 9:52 PM in Some Small Fights
So Similar
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Whew, sorry about yesterday. The ISS ran out their battery and I had to give them a jump start.

But I'm back now!
User comments:
[Those must be pretty substantial jumper cables!]

Yes, she's a bit desensitized.
Well, it might come in handy for once - since she can make small talk with the Red Ripper.
I suspect that the Red Ripper might actually enjoy having someone to talk to. :)
When did i miss that spacers find PMs scarry? They are new and dont behave like older specises but scarry?
Well, it has been mentioned before.

Besides, not only has she been around Poison Monkeys, but she's been around Iri ... who hunts monsters for a living.
The only thing more scary than a monster, is the beast that hunts the monster.
oh, i forgot about that one. Iri is just too cute. hm, make that scariely cute...
Wow, either as a race we've been a bad influence on Ayata or it's just her exposure to Iri. It's oddly refreshing that humans are consider somewhat threatening in a sci-fi world. Usually we are the primitive monkeys or a parasite to the universe.
How does the International Space Station run out of batteries and how does that effect a comic? Your an astronaut by any chance?