Comic 355 - NONCOMBAT
17th Sep 2013, 9:55 PM in Some Small Fights
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Author Notes:
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Tried tweaking the color to match my crap monitor's display a bit, so hopefully it's too dark to really see what's going on.
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Ah, sorry, I'm not at home today, so there's nothing coming. I can't even post an intermediate image.

If you like, peruse the extras page. There's like fanart and stuff there.
User comments:
Looks bitching as hell, foggy night time.
Not really, he's just command. Generals don't really pull out a rifle and take to the field. Normally.
I like your dark and gloomy. It's a bit 90s but you can actualy see something, unlike some modern dark and gloomy interpretations where everything is just dark...
So are the noncombat uniforms for the pirates' identification only, or do they offer some sort of neutrality protection, in the way UN medic uniforms are SUPPOSED to work on a battlefield? What is the code of conduct in wars here?
It's a pirate code thing, but has been sort of adopted by SF a little. Unity probably doesn't care.

To be specific: it's how SF and the pirates sort of came to a kind of cease fire: the pirates stopped shooting at their diplomats and medics as long as they wore white and were unarmed.
Interesting, Strakh have two of those red rippers .. I thought it was unique?
They were always two.
Im sorry but i cant let this pass
Ayata with sunglasses at night.. awsome
For some reason night loses it's meaning to me in a setting with intergalactic travel. Night is merely the side of the planet currently not facing a star.

Dark side and light side, night and day, all becomes a designation of which side is facing the local star.

Sleep becomes something you regulate for your continuing operation as convenient to yourself when not staying planetside for a extended period of time.
That's why I tried to make it kind of misty and planet-y.