Comic 353 - Pillage Squads
15th Sep 2013, 8:15 PM in Some Small Fights
Pillage Squads
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Push through the setup...
User comments:
It'd be impossible to hide... they just needed to keep her out of the way until he'd been convinced.
Indeed .. should something .. unfortunate happen, to Iri .. he'd be *most* pragmatic about it. :D
He "pragmatically" has a cake, party decorations and a DJ waiting just in case?
I'm getting a vision of the future!

The party hats are red with silver skulls.
If I were a pirate captain, I'd make sure I'd have people that can do last minute catering and a few musicians.
Heh, that's why all the females are wearing small red dresses, so they're ready to party *ALL* the time. :)
I kind of want to see you do a side story based on Iri and Strakh before the steam pipes incident. I get the feeling they got along rather well and that the Temple's missions put them at odds.
A pragmatic pirate is a successful pirate, especially when there's a precog involved.

Once Ayata laid the situation out, looting won out over revenge, as it should have. S'kinda like "Hey, you can loot this planet blind if you'll blow up some stuff on it for me on the way in."
I take it this planet has people who know cyber-optics?
I want to see the story behind Strakh and Iri... It kind of left a gap in the story and I'd like it to be filled...
So there might be later stories in this universe or environment?