Comic 352 - Orodus
13th Sep 2013, 8:48 PM in Some Small Fights
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Welcome to Orodus!
User comments:
Thank you, i'll just take a cab to the nearest restaurant! Any good local places?
That's pretty much guaranteed for almost any place Iri visits, especially when she brings "friends" along.
Ooh, looks like a terraformed world given how cratered it appears. Not much of an atmosphere there, so perhaps a heavily industrial world?

I wonder what Strakh will do with it. He doesn't strike me as someone looking to carve out a pirate fiefdom amid the chaos of war.
The gray lined areas could be cities or some type of agricultural areas. (Not Earth so doesn't have to be green vegetation)
Also, are you still going with the 200th page as the halfway point? Because if so that means there will only be about 50 more pages. :(