Comic 35 - Cockpit
22nd Aug 2012, 10:16 PM in Jungle
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Author Notes:
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... hmmmm, more experiments with color.

I like Strakh. He's fun. He'd be a woobie if he wasn't deeply, deeply evil.
User comments:
Oh dear. The spaceship's square screen shows a sinister salivating shouting silver sphere, Strakh.
His parrot looks suspiciously like a scavenger type of some sort.
Our heroine is a philosopher or a psychic prognosticator or perhaps both...
Last time I went to the beach I think I got bit by one of...whatever he is. However I'm sure Iri can handle this. Even if she may come out of the situation with a little less blood. Again.

Your space scenes are slowly starting to look more epic. I can't wait until you get colored, shaded, page large scenes of epic ships in formation. I know you will get there!
Piracy, no matter where you are it exists. The unhappy face thing is just brilliant.
Indeed, I'm glad he pointed it out. Quality unhappy faces are too good to allow a poor stranger to miss them by distraction!
Hilarious parrot, it's all '┬┐Que?'
Hum, are those barely noticeable red circles Strakhs eyes?
Is Strakh the bird, riding his lobotomized pet?
" this is my unhappy face" lol, lord knows how much I said that to friends who got me into what "they" thought was fun situations.
What's up with jagi anyways? Is he using some kind of light arresting cloak?
I like how Jagi is completely baffled by Iridium Lake's plan.
It gets worse. But, with Iri in the room, that's a given.
Ms. Lake is like a loose planet with a host of moons and asteroids and comets in tow!