Comic 349 - Drawin' on the Tablecloth
9th Sep 2013, 10:22 PM in Some Small Fights
Drawin' on the Tablecloth
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And the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress goes to... that white shawl!
User comments:
With that avatar, it gives a very strange impression.
Maybe a sneaky looking Next would fit better for situations like this.
Oh man, her delivery was a little TOO good. Damn girl, you scary.
Which is the true act?

The well mannered Ayata, a blissfully ignorant peacemaker; or the vengeful mother who would see Unity in ruins for their genocide?

Calling it now: Ayata's species are natural telepaths. It's why from Iri's perspective her future is linear until she speaks with people whose minds she reads, making her count as many different people.
A bit of column A, a bit of column B, I suspect.

And if you're right, then that would explain why View got all giddy when someone asked what the difference on a telepath and a psycher who could see the future would be ... it was complete with creepy laugh 'n' erverything.
Holy shit, ayata. For a fresh-off-the-homeworld young lady, you sure know how to put on a scary face. Can you put an link to the last image, view?
Huh? Do you mean you want a standalone version of the last panel?
As scary as her face is in the last panel, it's still, well, Ayata. Compared to her usual bubbly, "curious/unknowing/new-to-almost-everything" personality, it's so different that I'm not sure if it's more scary or funny. ._O
"Compared to her usual bubbly, "curious/unknowing/new-to-almost-everything" personality,"

To be fair, Ayata is proven to be very competent. She's accepted help but continually looked for areas she can hold her own weight on. It's little stuff here and there but it's been present the entire time. Offer to carry stuff in the swamp, cleaning outfit, taking charge of distributing water, negotiations, figuring out the mixer, making food....

Given how out of her depth she's been this entire time? She's handled things very well. So honestly? I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't acting at all. Maybe this is only our first time seeing her game face.

Hmm I think I lost my point somewhere. Anyway. I think this is scarier.
I think Ayata really does hold a grudge towards Unity and what they did to her planet.

Remember, she used to have a family, before.

Also, regarding panel 5, you could say *puts on sunglasses* Unity never minded the gap.
*puts on sunglasses too*

Unity *should* mind their gap!
Are Ayata's rings pierced through her swimming membrans or just open?
Pierced trough ... they actually come apart in two halves, and are clicked together by some arcane locking mechanism .. or magnets.
I dunno... from what we've learned so far, I get the feel there's a lot of pain and not just a little amount of rage hiding behind the pretty blue face. If she had the technology and the skills to do t, I get the feel ayata would have killed a whole lot of unity cyborgs.
True, I bet there's a whole lot of feelings we don't know about, with Ayata.

Still, I think that at her core, she really is a sweet gal. :)
She is the Ambassador for her people. Don't think they would send a wimp did you. She must have hidden reserves under her earlier innocent behavior like any politician other wise what good would she be in negotiations?
Bet she wouldn't mind ACTUALLY burning the planet, either.
Ah, but burning planets is so ... non-personal.
Getting up close and personal, and poisoning them with their fangs .. now that's proper revenge.
Iri told her to say it like that didn't she?
I always found her fairly attractive from the get go, but I don't think I'd expected her to give me a fear boner.
I am in love with Ayata after this page. I mean, she was lovely, and all, but did not stand out too much, at least for me. I think I mostly considered her as a character that's necessary for the story to have background.

Nice one, View. Didn't see it coming.

(...I wonder if Strakh could have the tiniest crush on her after this...)

Sorry for popping into comments so very rarely! I follow the comic religiously, but almost never have anything to say...
I needed her in the background so nobody would guess the plot before now.
And yet, a lot of people have taken notice of Ayata - Ah well, she's still a cutie. :)
Ayata is a badass. Not as much as Carol but we have a close second here.
huh, a ring and webed fingers. How does that work?