Comic 348 - Tell You The Word
8th Sep 2013, 7:43 PM in Some Small Fights
Tell You The Word
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Author Notes:
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Some backstory to make Strakh into a character people at least vaguely care about!

OK, done with that. Now on with the actual story.
User comments:
Well now .. maybe she thought the two would match better. :D
And I thought that bird was just a reference to Long John Silver and his parrot.
So, Strakh always has a birds eye view.

Hopefully Those kinds of birds live a long life, I mean would suck to have to go back for a replacement often.
I'm not sure that's a joke; he didn't say what he did to her afterward.
Cool. More than just a pet or shoulder ornament. I like how the eyes are floating about in the first panel.

Are you still using Fire Alpaca to produce this comic?
Huh. What do you use instead?

That's weird. Must have been a different comic. It seems I read too many comics. I suppose it's only a matter of time before I make my own.
I use SAI, although it is difficult to buy and aging.
Interesting side story View. Explains how he sees without HIS eyes. Though birds view must have been weird to get used too at first.
If he control's the bird's head then I'm sure he's fine, but if not, having his vision thrown around by the will of the bird is a serious handicap -- he'd be lucky if he could walk straight with mismatched vision.