Comic 346 - Once Upon a Fish
5th Sep 2013, 11:07 PM in Some Small Fights
Once Upon a Fish
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Author Notes:
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I need another FLASHBACK!

How lurid is the purple on those blinds? I'm still adjusting colors, here.
User comments:
Ayata's looking very good in this one, and I really like the coloring. :)
Looks better now. They have a radiance to them now. More depth perception to them.
I agree I like the curtains i also like panel four a lot :D
My work monitor seems to render red a lot more vibrantly than other colors.
I'm always amazed by life here in The Future.
Such control over every aspect of Light and Color!
is there "any" way to standardize a monitor I wonder...
Test strips?
But then again
It is Art!*

*("eye of the beholder"
and all that...)
Yes Cent, you can google 'monitor calibration' and get a bunch of monitor tests that will have your monitor displaying things properly -- if it is able to.
The foreground in all panels is fine, the background in 1 and 5 is a little overwhelming as a solid but the purple works with a backdrop.
Well if thats Roséwine on the table on the table then your calibrtion is OK i guess.

If thats red whine, trough ...