Comic 345 - Happy little trees
4th Sep 2013, 10:42 PM in Some Small Fights
Happy little trees
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Author Notes:
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Oh, you wuss.

Hey, how faded does this look to people? On one of my screens, the cloth looks rather plush and the glowing back looks rather sharply defined. On the other, it's all washed out and muddy...
User comments:
Somewhat dulled and soft edged. But my eyes are that way too.
The purple appears a little darker than lilac to me, his back's linework stands out enough in contrast to the purple background, such that his glow doesn't blend him into the background
The line art is clear, slightly blurred in 2, 4, the glow is muddy in all of them. I think it comes across well.
Hm. It sounds like my working monitor is a lot more crisp and high-contrast than is normal. ANNOYING.
Would lowering the Resolution and changing the Refresh rate help?
I can make my main screen WORSE no problem. It's just annoying.
Eh! Sometimes we all need something to bitch about right? LOL
I am sure it isn't the same kind of story, but it sure is fun :)
The red, yellow, blue and green are rather bright compared to the washed out purples.