Comic 344 - Also a member!
3rd Sep 2013, 10:55 PM in Some Small Fights
Also a member!
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Ah, piracy as a protection racket makes some sense as a business model.

Also I adore Strakh in panel four. It's like you can see him mentally shifting gears (and probably thinking to himself how irritating being a respectable pirate who actually has to deal with customers and PR is).
Just like in Bodacious/Mini-Skirt Space Pirates.
I can't help but notice how you draw the lines over the bruised spots where his eyes should be and how they remained consistently different from the other eye for the last few pages. Is there a secret meaning to this?
Maybex, is that you?

BTW you may want to read episode 2 if you haven't, it talks about genehaven amongst other things.
It's definitely not Maybex. She's not an accountant.
Genehaven/genefreak references: 33, 35, 45, 49, [to page 72]
I find the bird in panel five hi-larious. Buffers the attitude well.
First off, Thanks for being a jerk to all of my feels in Never Mind the Gap.

Spent HOURS reading. Amazing story, great characters, you are my current favourite person.

Secondly, I am now going to start on this here Space Pulp, I just thought that first I will introduce myself to the uh. Community. So ah..

Hey People and/or Robots!
Oh hai there, and welcome. :)

Also, congrats, your feels probably needed some jerkin'.

... no .. not *that* kinda jerkin .. pervert ! >_<
Welcome. It's not the same kind of story at all, though.
There's so many layers of adorable in this page. And a sexy accountant burbic is a lovely addition to my day. Magenta hair, icy blue eyes, rimless glasses and most probably a capable analytical mind. Rawr.

And I like the story-building as well. Learning Strakh has an insurance racket without a wall of exposition is quite nice. Seeing Ayata as a capable actress is rather fun.