Comic 343 - Gifts
2nd Sep 2013, 10:16 PM in Some Small Fights
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Yer a pirate!
User comments:
That does bring up the question: how does strakh see? And could you possibly give us a bit of backstory on strakh and his mini-skirted minions? It might be in one of the 7000 comments I missed when I read through the comic.
That bird type creature may be his eyes some how. My guess anyway.
You know, Kellam's going to have the most amazing behind-the-scenes stories once he finally finishes this documentary/special. At this rate the "Making of" mini-special for his documentary would be more interesting than the documentary itself!
Woo, he seems a lot more intimidating when Iri isn't around to make him sound like a pushover.
I'm kind of surprised Ayata isn't wearing her special anti-vacuum goggles. Both just in case, and to give her more character for her role.
Seems nice. A bit creepy, but nice. Doubt anyone would say that either it's normal for Strakh's kind to look like that or he's just that intimidating.
Having your face removed ala poison monkey huntress, will have that effect.
I love the fact that he still has some sort of birdlike creature on his shoulder, as a stereotypical pirate would! Very nice touch, View.