Comic 341 - Welcome!
30th Aug 2013, 10:32 PM in Some Small Fights
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No comic tomorrow, as usual.
User comments:
That is one BIG son of a bitch!!
"Quickly no time to explain, get to the choppa"
Oh look! Parts of him are glowing without the aid of technology. Keep a 10 meter up at all times and for the love of whatever you pray to don't touch it.
Bio-luminescence isn't all that odd of an evolutionary adaptation, though it would be exceptionally surprising if it were a naturally evolved trait, rather than something spliced into the genetic makeup.
Could be Ayata's brand new personal bodyguard ?

After all, her "pilot" is proabably not much of a fighter.
Since his mouth was glowing on the cover for this chapter. . . something tells me he has mouth lasers. . . or fire breath. If either of these are true, and with no cybernetics (I assume), that's one dangerous, downright scary race to deal with.
Heck, he/she has glowing rock candy on his/her back ... that's enough to mark him/her as highly dangerous.
Who ? Me ?
Or did you mean Runesavaan's avatar, 'cause that's pretty damn kick-ass. :)
Yeah, I was talking about Rune's. Yours is cute though.
Mother of God, do we have guns that can kill that thing?! What's our loss ratio?
Dunno about guns, but I reckon that making his/her mass heavier would push him/her trough the floor - That would be a quick way to get away from him/her.
Chekov's Red Ripper makes its appearance.
And I'll say it now, a little late, since I just noticed nobody else said it. DAMN Ayata looks pretty in that outfit.