Comic 340 - Favors
29th Aug 2013, 10:33 PM in Some Small Fights
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This page took a long time even though it's not very interesting to look at. :P
User comments:
lol, some species (or just the reporter?)....

if its got a hole in it somewhere...find a way to stick it.
Gotta say that Kalleum or any Salu-Salu for that matter would make an interesting pair with Ayata. Just considering Ayata is aquatic while the Salu seem more earthy/plant like with their air recycling features.
"I'm giving you what you asked for."

Isn't that what Gandalf told Bilbo?
Ayata is creating fashion, even when she's not aware of it. :D
There goes Ayata being highly observant and empathetic again. I love when you remind us she's the representative/diplomat of her species.
It is a nice outfit. Not going to deny it.

Kellem, you wanted something to document, and am sure they'll be dressed head to toe.
Aw, but he really wanted to be documenting on blue boobies, but his foot-lifting skills wasn't good enough and he was denied.
He needed a bigger stick too.

I feel for that booby though.
"what?! When!?"

"about six hours from now"

And thats why working with psychics is a bitch