Comic 34 - Scary
21st Aug 2012, 10:29 PM in Jungle
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User comments:
Cute how Jagi seems unscary to Ayata compared to Iri but why does her hair have no texture in this one?
I have no idea what you're talking aboutttttt... 8D
Scary? Yes she is!

Maybe she just finished brushing it, or maybe she sprayed it with BAC!
When you think about it, Iri killed a bunch of people, broke out of prison, AND hijacked a ship, all without breaking a sweat. She really is kinda scary.
I've decided Ayata is always cute. No uncanny valley with her for me. And Iri is scary and dangerous a sexy way. Women who can kill me with ease are a turn on. I think they dislike me the most though...*sniff*
I Agree about Ayeta. She is definitely always cute. And Iri is certainly the most destructive character we have evidence of so far. It is also nice to see her without a cig for a change.

I like the subtle shading on Iri's legs.
If you guys say so. But she's just mud compared to the upcoming Poison Monkeys from the next chapter (or two) in the future!

I love Poison Monkeys. They're pretty much the best alien species ever. They're like a really bad Blaxploitation film turned to 11.
To say, with The Poison Monkeys it's Opera all the time?
I think its nice if Iri is toned down. There's super action hero-y kickass and then there's obnoxious anti-hero loud ass. Course I won't pass judgement on monkeys I haven't even seen. Especially if you say you love them and you use the term blaxploitation to describe them!
Epically ... with fire bombs ... and LOTs of swordy swords ! :D
Swordy-sword is a hunter thing, not a Poison Monkey thing.
Yes, the fully detailed human is scary while the 4 eyed, 2 sensored, sharp teethed shadow isn't disturbing at all.
Ayata is an empath by nature.* She sees beneath the surface of the beings she encounters.

*(I think.)
I had completely forgotten that she's an empath ... that might mess with how she perceives people, compaired to how the reader perceives them.

.. I think I like it. :)