Comic 339 - IT WAS ME
27th Aug 2013, 10:08 PM in Some Small Fights
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Waalllll offfff teeeexxxxxxt
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Iri is so good at being dramatic.

Also, it only occurred to me now, but our wonderful interviewer is currently in his natural color. Didn't the TV producer-people want to "shota" him up for TV purposes and have him yellow and pantless? Will they just edit the footage later?

EDIT: Also, I can't remember if his name was ever mentioned. I tried searching for it while writing this reply originally but gave up around the "Day 5" page.
The original dialog for the last bubble was

"And her pilot, uhhh... Mr. Pilot!"
Can't be certain, but I think Kellem is doing this documentary so he can be taken seriously by the rest of the news media outlets -- and therefor doesn't have to play a "zany morning zoo" dress-up character for the viewers.
This is exposition! You are allowed to have lots of text IF it is important. Anyways you have it broken up into one phrase/sentence per panel more or less. NOT a wall of text.

Paragraphs per bubble is wall of text.

OK, the text still dominates the artwork, but it works the way you did it, it is moving the story along quickly, and it scans easily and well.
No, no, no ... she's wearing a very fashionable boob-window shirt. :)
In the future, the boob window lives up to it's name -- as opposed to today's cleavage window.
Iri the puppet master. Always pulling strings & waiting for things to happen.
Off the wall indeed.

Iri was just waiting for her big "betrayal" reveal. Had to time it just right.
Ayata the Smuggler has a nice ring to it.
Now she just need to join up with Otooni the Smuggler and they can be a dynamic duo of Comb 'n' Hair, loved across the Galaxy as the Journalist-turned-pilot reports their zany shenanigans while they run in circles around stupid police barges and inept pirates! And they shall rename the ship to the Milennium Frog, which once did the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!

Sounds like the sort of reality-tv that people would enjoy in the future. Heck, with material like that, the ratings are gonna be trough the roof! :)
Ahh .. sorry, that was a typo.

I meant through the roof, obviously. :)
The more I think about this, the more entertaining it seems .. and the more elaborate my inner fanfic becomes. :D

Something like, Ayata could be a humane aid smuggler .. so she runs blockades against planets in order to get medicine and food to people in need, who are beig opressed by EEEvil tyrants. And the soft hearted people across the galaxy go "d'awww" when she appears on the screen all swashbuckling style and with a sword on her hip. (a small one offcourse, so she doesn't trip over it). Catching the viewers fancy, and leading to uprisings on planets that are supressed.

Offcourse, the established smugglers recognizes her as one of their own when she accidentially mentions in an interview that her "services are so good, they're illegal!" ... and offcourse they also like the fact that she creates mayhem and attracts attention, so the police leaves the real smugglers in peace.


Now I just need to convince View to steal my story. .. erhh .. I mean, smuggle it out to the loyal readers. >_<
It's a cute idea, but of course I need to keep my comic on course, so I can't use it...
It could be a sidestory, if one day you run out of stuff to write, or just feel lazy. :)
Sheela, in what bizarro world does feeling lazy result in toiling to create a webcomic?
Alas, that's the problem, isn't it ?
Maybe it's when he wears two tutu's.
Though I thought it would be tough to tunnel through a trough without two tutus too!
Iri is good but this will bite her in the ass one day. I just foresee a fall from grace. If psychers could be that good all the time I think the galaxy would be a different place than it is.
Depends critically on the rules of the Temple; eg the one about not becoming involved in wars.