Comic 338 - Who Indeed
26th Aug 2013, 10:45 PM in Some Small Fights
Who Indeed
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User comments:
Why did he ask in the first place, the knucklehead? And yes I'm aware he's a journalist.
Oh no, the big bad faceless pirate and his fuzzy-headed harem are coming! Run for your lives!!
I'm suspicious Iri knew about all this.
What are the odds that they bring Maybex along for the pirate ship ride view?

Give it to me straight.
It's either him or the mad scientist concern about his reputation and science, some weasel concern over money or the power hungry military guy that is a total bigot. Though I am sure they were either not on any of the ships or on the first few that got blew up depending how much control Iri has.
"We've been betrayed! TO PIRATES!" That is an awesome line. :P "Who would do THAT" -- I was surprised the next panel wasn't Iri making a derpy face. :P Is everyone staring at him because he's the only one who hasn't figured out that it was probably Iri?