Comic 337 - Strip Sparring
25th Aug 2013, 7:26 PM in Some Small Fights
Strip Sparring
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Playing around with new brushes.

I did this whooooole page with "Feel Good" by Gorillaz looping in the background. In case you were wondering why it turned out like this.

Edit: DAMN IT, my monitor miscalibrated again. This is really hard. The contrast is very different.
User comments:
Iri loves that razor's edge
Where everything's possible
And nothing's predictable!
Offcourse this is a Ppoison Monkey game, so maybe it's the other way around, and you start off naked, and the more you loose, the more clothes you pu ton and thus become unsexy ... meanwhile, the better you are, the less clothes you put on and you can stay dead-sexy to the other PM's. :)

Offcourse, that would mean that Iri had lost a lot.
Also, loving the girl to the left in the first panel - she just looks so happy. :)
Is that DK's fling with the pink/green hair in Panel 1? I like her expression, she does seem very happy.

The only reason I ask if it's the same girl is because her physique seems to be more slender and feminine here than before. I like it though!
Raising your arms always makes you look thinner... but maybe I drew her thinner on accident.
"I did this whooooole page with "Feel Good" by Gorillaz looping in the background."

You, I like your taste in music. That's on my list of music I play while working on chemical equations or medical cadavers.
From Gorillaz, I must admit I'm partial to the Clint Eastwood piece they made ... good if you're stoning a bit.
I like most of the old Gorillaz songs.

The only other new Gorillaz song I really like is Dare, but it's really good. The rest vary, but none of them are actually bad.
Strips, as in the strips they put their feet though on the floor :D

you dirty minded perverts all of you!
You have grasped the clever pun they're working with!
I'm curious about the rules. I suppose the loser has to strip a piece of cloth but what about the rest?
It's a low-gravity system, so you lose if both your feet leave the strap. However, there is a grace period where you have a certain number of seconds to get your foot back in a strap.

In this version, every time you lose you take off some clothes, but the number of seconds grace period you have goes up by 2 per loss. This theoretically gives you better chance to win next time, but in practice it just gives whoever wins a few more seconds to manhandle you.