Comic 335 - Weight
22nd Aug 2013, 9:01 PM in A Big Fight
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Chapter end!
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Oh, nice link.

Offcourse, Shark has less muscles than Iri, hence the weight difference. Ah well, at least she's stacked. :)
Ah well, at least her shortness increases her cuteness potential. :)
I know I'm late, but you should've linked that one to this:
I know there was a call for uses for the mass-reduction technology, finally thought of one, maybe two. If the units can be built small enough to be put in a suit, I could see them in a set of gauntlets or something. If they can affect what's being touched and not the user itself, things like toting heavy beams or grabbing and shifting stuff like pieces of a building after a disaster become very possible.

Would such work as a safety system, too? F = M * A, so the imparted force from a collision would be reduced by reducing the mass. Kind of how bugs can fall a long way relative to their size, and be fine. Hell, if you took someone's mass down enough, they don't need a parachute. The air resistance will do it.
It's a bit difficult to put in a suit - that power armor the marines use is about as small and efficient as it gets. But it definitely is used for landing and flying - you saw the ship launch without using thrusters, right?

Good ideas, all around.
I figured it'd used something. Just mass reduction won't do it, you still need something to overcome gravity. I figured there just wasn't much needed.
Like a helium balloon, once you are lighter than air you pop up like a cork. Obviously, you need to accelerate in the upper atmosphere to actually reach orbital speeds, but that's not so hard when you weigh almost nothing and there's not much air in the way.
I love your coloring view but your black and white still has that special place in my heart.