Comic 333 - Shaire
21st Aug 2013, 12:03 AM in A Big Fight
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If you asked a question on yesterday's non-page, you'll have to ask it again today.
User comments:
Just a beautiful lime green pigment of our imaginations!
Well, it's up to our imaginations to guess what she said in panel 4 .. however, DK's blush in the same panel, tells me he might understand PM language just fine.
I'm wondering what the tatoo count marks on her shoulder mean.
I'm guessing we'll end up calling her Shaire, or just Shai perhaps.
I don't think she's very shai, but if being one of Iri's elites get's him any more attention we may see if she'll shaire.
At long last he gets some love, huh? :3

...Although, the thought of Dragon King being one of Iri's "elites" amuses me given his track record so far.
Iri picked him because of a future vision. He must play an important part in something later. She wouldn't have him hanging around to get in the way.
You can do it Dk!

Remember, the shyer you are, the less work you have to do ;D
Mmm, From mediocre bodyguard to lady killer in one page. Don't fuck it up Dragon.
I dunno Sheela, I'm not seeing a splitter. With a solely poison monkey crew there, it seems strange to forgo that kind of thing if fucking is first and foremost.
Oh, I am sure she'll be able to find a splitter somewhere on that ship.
About time he get a lil something-something.