Comic 331 - Recruiting
17th Aug 2013, 12:09 AM in A Big Fight
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Author Notes:
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I had an interesting day. Sorry it's late.

Tomorrow: no comic!
User comments:
This is developing quite interesting View.
See ya Monday!
Technically speaking tomorrow is Sunday I think is the issue here.
Interesting to see that the one eyed admiral doesn't even bat an eye when Iri asks for all his Marines.
Hmm, I wonder if it includes a certain two soldiers in that group ?
I find them interesting, and would offcourse like to see more of them. :)
They may not be on the active duty roster that soon.
Besides, I think they are Engineers.
Ah, but the hospitals could use Spaaace Magic to heal them ! :)
I'm sure they have cryogenic storage tanks just full of liquified Phlebotinum!
But offcourse .. I mean .. who would store it in solid form ?
Look at all the attention to detail on Dragon's hair.

It's almost as if you didn't want to make him forget his cornrow toupee again view. :P
Is it just me or does Jagi look way more pissed off than usual in the second panel?