Comic 33 - Very Jungley
20th Aug 2012, 10:10 PM in Jungle
Very Jungley
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User comments:
Love the outfit choice on Iri.

Ayata's simple, naive attitude is adorable. That and her slim figure, big purple eyes, and perpetual smile.

Btw where did that a third eye on Jagi come from? o.O
Yeah, he's had 4 eyes and 2 sensor pits since he was introduced.
Oh wow. So he has. I've missed the blue in the Outer set of eyes this whole time. My fault for missing that then.
Him having loads and loads of sensory organs is a character trait.
That last panel cracked me up. She's so cute! And I agree that what Iri is wearing is magnificent. It says a ton about her character I imagine, as well as how she fixed her hair up. That style meets with much approval over the poof ball of doom.
Emperor Lazy-Eye of the Cat Kingdom, from the Rainbow Cats cartoon.
Yeah, I'd probably watch that cartoon. Good character zoom there too. Sometimes...YOU JUST HAVE TO ZOOM IN!
Emperor Lazy-Eye is just a decoy name to hide the power of Geass that he possesses.
Cat related. Hooray!!! Rather than 'Hello Kitty', this one would be 'Look Out!, Cat!!!'
@view: How do you keep Ayata's character design right on the edge of the uncanny valley like this? From one angle she is elegant and attractive and the next she is strikingly strange and alien! I'm impressed how you maintain the artistic tension.
I used to have a house in the Uncanny Valley, but then...Japanese robots..

I don't think its a limit of your continuity skill, view, its her slender body. When you just see her face or shots where clothes cover a lot of her body she is quite cute. But when you see her exposed legs or arms or torso from the side they kinda throw you off because, to humans, it gives off that skeletal and emaciated look.
Does Iris always seem to tick Jagi off or does he always look that way?
He must be very stressed out if he is just pissed off all the time.
I identify with this character. Now all he needs is people to bug him in universe to "lighten up" or smile more.
Teaching someone about a place ≠ reading the travel brochure.