Comic 329 - Blahhhhhh
14th Aug 2013, 10:28 PM in A Big Fight
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User comments:
Gotta wonder how people attending as avatars would react if they saw Iri as-is.
Eh, the others are probably just as bad behind the avatars ;-)
'Makes me wonder if any vid/holo stream ever showed the real Iri or always her family friendly avatar....
She really looks like she feels lousy.

View, did you inject some of how you have been feeling lately into this page?
Avatar eh? Wonder if people use anything other then what they look like, much like what we do online. Might be a very interesting meeting with peoples cats, Batman eating a hotdog, and an 8-bit Megaman recolor and edited to have a green mohawk.
Jagi, why do you have so many eyes? Also, are the side ones simple photoreceptors?