Comic 327 - Inspiring
12th Aug 2013, 11:19 PM in A Big Fight
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Iridium Lake: inspiring people to be lazy for [age] years.

Not sure if masochism is a religion, or if Poison Monkeys believe it wasn't a proper fight unless you're all banged up and "you should see the other guy".

Considering Iri looks she can't walk on her own, and the "other guy" is the Unity fleet that got nuked and stuff... Makes sense. She took it up a couple notches, pretty much.
It's a lot more pragmatic than that, as you'll see.
Pragmatic? So, she was either lazy and knew she'd get a free ride if she kept it up, or she can't even walk without breaking her focus interfering with the hunters in the Unity fleet.
Ok, I am not sure if this was covered way, way back sometime after the beginning of this delightful comic, but I must ask.

What is the maximum lifespan of these various lifeforms we have seen so far?
This page is too fucking good.

Also, really nice work on panel 3. I love it.
I actually screwed up on the panel layout, but it really worked out.
Im just comparing this to the first few panels of the series. man, you have gotten really good. Its amazing the way you can just see the characters evolve and improve as you flip through the pages, and you just keep getting better and better every time.
Keep up the good work.
Hah, awesome - I had a hunch that Iri would find a way to get carried to the meeting.

On a sidenote, the fact that the two soldiers finds it an inspiration is pretty entertaining. :)