Comic 326 - Pride
11th Aug 2013, 6:15 PM in A Big Fight
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And now, somewhere else!

I wanted to put the slow aftermath into "fast pace" by quickly hopping from short scene to short scene. Not sure if it's worked.
User comments:
Wouldn't it be better to have a few doctors aboard each ship, rather than one ship full of doctors?
The support fleet contains a dedicated hospital ship which has all of best robotic and biotech assistance available. It's usually not used for trauma response, since the injured do have to be ferried aboard: it's intended for surgery and long-term care.

Keeping a long-term incapacitated sailor aboard an active military vessel is just a burden.

As such, it often plays double-duty as personnel center, since recovered sailors are often redeployed right from the hospital ship.
I like how you shifted gears View. Story line change brought a fresh perspective.
The public face that the Poison Monkeys are putting forward makes it seem more and more likely that they're the cybernetic-guardian half of a co-evolved species (the other half having met with some unknown end), and that they looking for a new place in the grand scheme of things.
Hmm. Iri was exiled, right? So maybe this is what Poison Monkeys are really like or trying to become. Her and her little band are fairly renegade. Maybe they aren't entirely the good guys.
When you have so many wars on your planet, you understand what's really important to have.

Also, if the PM are keeping a secret a species regarding their true origins, it's in their best interest that all the medics treating them are of their own species.