Comic 325 - The Wakeup Call
9th Aug 2013, 10:27 PM in A Big Fight
The Wakeup Call
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No comic tomorrow!
User comments:
Once again I'm wondering about what Jagi would look like if he wasn't pitch black as I look at the detail of his joints. ^^;
Kinda hard to drag her out if she's closed in the bed Jagi.
Not very a smart thing to do to a Hunter.

Have a good day off tomorrow.
Jagi's been hanging around her for years, often as her only companion. He's less Tonto and more Sancho Panza
Flipping the bed like that you should have a prequel for when they were children called "SPACE CAMP".
where is the window hiding in the last panel?
did it jump aside to not be smashed into?
The window is what Iri is getting mashed up against in the last panel, the bed is obscuring it.
I suspect that in the last panel the window is behind jagi. The bed, from the legs, is of a standard 'fold-into-wall' type, also given the outline of the rectangle the bed is being slammed into being a different size and shape to that of the window. You've just gotten confused by the perspective change.
Oh! Good eye!

We're seeing that last panel effectively through the window in fact. In the previous panels we see Iri's arm hanging over the side of the bed on the door-side of the room, and we're looking at Jagi's left side in the last four panels.

The perspective change isn't a big one, but since we don't have many visual landmarks to gauge the change with, it is confusing.
Good, wasn't planning to read this tomorrow. Mainly due to being out of town more so.

Huh, this makes me wonder what would be more annoying to a psychic. Not being able to see a future event, always being able to see ever outcome, or having people what up to them after startling them and say "bet you didn't see that coming."? Then again, Iri, given how she "sees" things, good chance she gets a combination of the three and picks which would seem to be less annoying at the time or is going to be.
Bwah ha ha ha .. oh, that's hilarious ! :D

Offcourse, in a roundabout way ... Jagi just volunteered to carry her there. I suspect that Iri will take advantage of that. :)