Comic 323 - Space Bus Home
7th Aug 2013, 10:18 PM in A Big Fight
Space Bus Home
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Did somebody ask for a spider icon?

It's not a particularly ALIENY spider, but it should make arachnophobes uncomfortable:

User comments:
That nuclear missile buffet must have been quite filling!
Ooohh ... looks like Ayata has visitors. :)
Her family perhaps ?
I take it the big fight has ended then ?

Oh, that spider turned out real nice - And yes, indeed, someone asked for a spidery avatar on the previous page. :)
Could have been faster - by several minutes even!
Besides, we like it when you update. :)
Aww, such a sweet and lovely reunion. :') I wish we could see more of Jagi's features so we could know how he felt about it.

I think you have succeeded in creeping out arachnophobes. At the very least the icon works to creep me out. ;_;
Ayata is finally getting all the hugs she's been missing out on. :)
yayyyy... She made it back. Thanks for the icon, view. Almost creeps me out. And I own three spiders.