Comic 321 - Hide the Yacht
5th Aug 2013, 10:14 PM in A Big Fight
Hide the Yacht
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"Yacht" is a funny word.

User comments:
When you say a word over and over again, and it starts to "sound funny" or "feel like it isn't a word", that's called semantic satiation.
Heh, Iri can find fun in anything. :)

In fact, that might be one of her most frustrating qualities, if you are her enemy.

Besides, she's fighting flying dildo's .. how can that not be fun ? :D
"A yacht /ˈjɒt/ is a recreational boat or ship. The term originated from the Dutch Jacht meaning "hunt"."

A type of ship fiting for Iri. No wonder she seems happy.

(I still couldn't think of a propper pseudonym, yet. Sorry view.)
Offcourse, the dutch grabbed the word from old germanic languages, where it's "Jagd" in German, or even the Danish version, which is "Jagt" - And then the dutch changed the G to a ch ... thus it became Jacht.

So when the british grabbed the dutch word Jacht they changed the old "J" to "Y" (because they're weird like that).. thus the word Yacht.

Jobs, jobs, jobsjobsjobsjobzjobsjubs jubz jubz jobs

(I still couldn't think of a propper pseudonym, yet. Sorry view.)
I think he's the guy who keeps using "clever" pseudonyms in his drive-by commenting.

It looks like he might stop doing that, soon! That'll be fantastic!
He could use "semantic satiation" as a possibly proper pseudonym.
Or he could stop being a guest and start being someone. *nod*

Then at least, we'd be able to say silly words back at him. :)
'Ello, just testin the waters here. I am personally in love with views work. Honestly. I was trolling the webs for some... private materials, and came across cheer. Read the whole thing three times. Then read never mind the gap. You, my good sir, are absoluely amazing. Like jesus, only with manga. And hopefully no toturing to death.

I can't say I'm much in the way of an artist or an art critic, but I love manga and a good story. I also spend my spare time writing short stories and trolling the internet.

It seems to me you have a pretty tight-knit group here already, so I don't know if ill be accepted. But I would lve to see more of your work. The conversations are also very Interesting. Please keep posting, and ill try to be insiteful or helpful.

Your fan,
Welcome to the comment section - More is always welcome to join in on the fun here. :)

Don't worry, we don't bite ... much. >_<
Thanks. My social life at this point is pretty much non-existent. So i'll be posting quite often. Also, if you need help proof reading, I'd be able to help... currently in college for my english degree. Not the most professional person, but I know mo' than the average jo.

Also, on the subject of User icons, Ive seen view "give" them out to people before. Does he(do you) do this randomly, or to each person, or just people you like? Not to be greedy.

One other view's icon a giant, evil penis?
Some thinks he's a sexy hotdog. We don't know for sure.
As for typos, they don't seem to happen very often, and he tends to fix them right quickly if someone spots one.

And if you ask nicely, he may make an avatar for you.
Thanks to Spider Robinson I can't read or hear someone say "gum" without having to resist the urge to giggle.

Gum gum gum gum gum gum
If you want an avatar, request one! But it has to be something in line with the current comic, so an alien of some kind would be best.
Neon Green is the perfect color for a ship in a space-battle. It's a form of psychological warfare. The enemy ships are thinking, "Why is this ship so very visible? They must want us to shoot it. It's a trap!"
A trap indeed ... though not the kinda trap they expect, I think.

Rather, she's leading them astray, so her generals can do what they do best. And don't go underestimating them either, I suspect they'll be just as good at being generals, as Iri is at being a hunter.
Yacht. Sounds like Yought to yot, but looks like Ya-cht. What is up with all the silent letters.

Well, if you are going to be leading multiple fleets into battle, should do it in style.
Uhm ... but it sounds like yacht / yact where I come from ?

And definately do it in style ... preferredly in a way that noone can predict either.