Comic 32 - Chapter 2
19th Aug 2012, 5:08 PM in Jungle
Chapter 2
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Author Notes:
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... this title cover was actually a lot more difficult to draw than I thought.
User comments:
Difficult because of the three dimensionality?
It feels very dreamish and floating worldly to my senses. Almost abstract.
I like it a lot, Thank you!
Well, it's really the brush shape experimentation plus the way I have to unify the vertical and horizontal patterns...
Oooh. Again you explore cool, new frontiers. I like the brush effect here and the choice of colors! It kinda reminds me of doodles I used to do with highlighters in the back of notebooks. Except they, you know, sucked.
if only my doodles vaguely resembled

I do like the effect View.
I think you did a great job on it, nothing really overloads it or takes your eye away from the person, but the whole pitcure is used.
Every time I look at this page, the first thing I think when I see the top half of the image is "Miwa?" Then I scroll down enough to see that the hair isn't dreadlocks and has orange stripes.

I think it's the top of the head, appearance of flowing-ish hair (until scrolling down) and water.