Comic 316 - The Party's All Here
29th Jul 2013, 10:05 PM in A Big Fight
The Party's All Here
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I got to draw a lot of hands.
User comments:
I dont know if anyone touched on this, but I bet psychers are hated in everyday society. They probably only can work in a military or paramilitary field because I bet even in politics they are not liked. Both due to the fact that they can see the future and because of how cocky I'd guess most are about their powers.
not so much a fight as a slaughter. the PM's may be spread out, but the unity fleet has to fight a battle on every front. their best bet would be to take that group at the bottom and wipe out the back while the rest take a defensive stance. once the rear PM ships are out, launch a full assault on the planet guard.
Yes, except when they look at that rear guard all they see is a blinding blizzard of shadows... Well, that'll become clear tomorrow.
Ah, do the PM's have a trick up their sleeve ?
After all, who says they fight like the rest ?
Loving the interface here, each blip representing such a large ship - so much power compressed into so little space, mmmm :)
I think some of the dots may even be many smaller ships, like a squadron of fighters.

On a sidenote, I didn't see anyone mention the 22nd heavy fleet interdiction task force that Mr. Fabolous was part of.
So appearently, Chekov's Beefcake isn't needed just yet.
You know ... the beefcake that all the gals liked to look at ?
He could definately be a hero type. :)
Then suddenly, it would also make sense to have a named mook beefcake running around.
Dear god, a comic artists worse nightmare. Lots of hands to draw!
Do not forget, space is in 3D (yup i know miste obious) you can send ship from above and below!
Is Iri on Spaceforce one?