Comic 315 - Hi!
28th Jul 2013, 7:02 PM in A Big Fight
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Blip bleep blip!
User comments:
They knew they were going to ask!

[Who's who?
Who's red,
Who's blue?]
First guess for last panel:

a planet with its orbit.
small blue are defenders, red should be unity fleet (also i thought they were occupiing the target system...)
cloud is a combat indicator

Iris fleet isnt shown yet
I wonder what color you give a Poison Monkey fleet ?
Rainbow polkadots ? :D
The girl on the right seems to be making a gesture that means "Fuck yes, we just won this battle! Iridium Lake is here!"
She does seem pretty happy about it. :)
Offcourse, having someone who can see into the future on your team, does make for the possibility of some awesome tactics.

Like ... using exploding jello-shots to defeat the flying penises. :D
ooOooo ... so that was what the fuzz was all about, back on page 311 !

The enemy is in for a surprise, methinks. :)
View- Why is the first commander in color but the others look washed out?
Bandwidth differences. The standing fleet is far away and damaged.
Ok Thought maybe they were using different battle comm links.