Comic 313 - Tactical Mesh One
25th Jul 2013, 8:13 PM in A Big Fight
Tactical Mesh One
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For those of you who missed it, Bellar made this cool paintup of my placeholder sketch. I deleted the placeholder, but it'd be a shame to lose the paintup.
User comments:
But - I bet he feels like he *ought* to be kept in the know, unlike the rest of us.
Oh wow, thanks view!

I figured it would be as ephemeral as the placeholder or I'd have done more with it.
Well, I didn't put it on my servers or anything, so it'll go away whenever imgur deletes it.
I'd still be interested to see how you'd color and shade the rest of the placeholder sketch.
You seem pretty good at it, or at least much better than me. What program do you use to color?
I just use photoshop, since that's what I've got and what I'm most familiar with.
Are ships able to communicate with one another while in warp?
Not very well. They have to use mass fluctuations, which is annoying.
Going off the Honorverse's way of doing that then?