Comic 310 - Day 5
21st Jul 2013, 9:44 PM in A Big Fight
Day 5
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Apparently my body has decided it is self-destruct time. Depending on how the next few days go, it may get difficult for me to keep up this schedule.

Well, we'll see.

Why is it that every on-line comic artist has serious health problems? I think maybe this line of work is dangerous.
User comments:
It's the free electrons!

We value you much more than any schedule!
So rest and recouping takes every precedence.

[As much White Light to you as you desire!!]
As unlikely as it seams my own statistics agree with you about web comic artis health... Of all the comics I follow, only two running regulary and over a longer time have not strugled from ill artists.
At this point, he's not even flustered anymore. Iri seems completely drunk.
Pretty cool drink too! Looks like he's at least convinced Rhythm to wear some pasties.
Oh, it's a matter of this being a formal affair with Iri instead of getting up and going for a quick breakfast.
I don't have health problems, but then again, I've discontinued my comic and am making it into a novel instead. ^^;
Sorry to hear about your health issues, view. Like cattservant said, we really do value you more than any schedule. Go get your healthy on.
For someone that updates 3 to 5 times more then most comics out there, for FREE even, on top of doing 'normal' work, taking a break once in a while is probably warented.

Seriously, your health is one of the few things you keep through your life, and its not all that easy to fix when it starts to break down. Rest well.
Poison Monkeys are awesome.

So is the last panel!

Hope you fell better.

Thank you for your well-meaning advice, but that's not applicable to my health problems.

As a side request, please just register already and stick with a name. Cloyingly "clever" anonymous handles are a pet peeve of mine, which is why I tend to treat you a bit coldly. If you were curious...

I'll even draw you an avatar, if you like!
View avatars are awesome... hell you update more than ME - and im 5 days a week ..
Everyone needs a break now and then. We'll be here when you get back.
What's the matter view... too many explosively decompressing jello-shots ^_-
I don't do anything redeeming and I have health problems. I think it has to do with being online. If you do things online, it kills you slowly. Internet Radiation.
Its the hours. I had similar problems when I worked nights. Heed my warning. Take a multivitamin, then take vitamin D on top of that (and far more than you'd think, between 150 and 200% daily value. You'll know your taking to much if you start to feel hot.)There is a direct and profound effect on the immune system, cardiovascular health, and well, overall health. Still work nights and haven't been sick in two years since I started taking the aforementioned combo.
Sorry to intrude on your comment directed towards view, but if what you suggested improves my quality of life even slightly, I'm going to draw you a picture of two stick figures holding hands inside of a huge heart with the word "FRIENDS" underneath it. If there's a substantial difference I'll even make the "R" backwards to improve the images charm.
Serious health problems? D: It's hard to know what wishes would be appropriate without knowing what it is, but I hope it gets better soon. :(
Can't get the last 1/3rd of this page to load for some reason :(. iPad problem or something else?
Definitely a problem on your end, I'm afraid. There's absolutely nothing weird on our end.