Comic 31 - Forgotten
17th Aug 2012, 10:00 PM in Crash
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I wonder how harsh that particular smoke from the White Stix is. I bet it ruins the serenity of an indoor garden there. I was also wondering if anyone would ever touch Jagi. I was thinking maybe he was kind of ethereal in existence. He's quite an interesting character. Definitely awesome though.

Fucking hair, man....
Jagi is pretty much the only main character that knows how to use a computer, or fly, or handle finances...
Lol. My kind of guy then! Minus the ignoring naked ladies part. Indoor fern garden almost makes up for that though.
Is that somewhat similar to the old 'holding the snake' allusion?
Ah, fair enough point. Unevolved, hairy, loud monkeys probably pretty bad in the scope of the galaxy. As long as he finds /something/ he can picture in smutty situations.
Plus, in sci-fi, the whole "no matter what, SOMEONE is gonna want to tap that" tends to be humanity's "hat" and baffle other species.
Re: Whitestix fragrance; Radioactive sulphur isotopes. So probably a delicate whiff of brimstone.
I still love the way you color her face.

This also went slightly different than I had imagined. He seems to have no interest in the naked female in his Garden. She seems more like an irritating cloud of smoke to him on this page.
It's quite possible that irritation is a substantial factor in their relationship. I mean, her first name is Iri after all!
When looking at this page with only one eye, Jagi kinda hurts to look at.

(For the record, I had minor surgery today to remove an unusually long-lasting sty, so yeah.)
You could role play while you are healing up. Like that Officer from Strike Witches.
Or you could ho ho ho up a bottle of rum!
I draw everything with just one eye! My left eye is telekinetic.
Are the white things on Jagi's forehead eyes as well, or some other organ? They seem to have lids, as they disappear in panel 3. But they have no blue in them like his 4 "normal" eyes.

The smoke effect is also great on this page. Especially in panels 1 and 5.

I love Jagi's expression in panel 4. And I especially like Iri's unselfconscious posture and attitude in the last panel. Females that are comfortable with their bodies are always so sexy.

Hmmm, Is that a tattoo I spy on the back of Iri's neck?
Android Iri? Foreshadowing? Love LOVE LOVE her hair :)
No androids in this comic. I'm takin' a break from robots.
You should add an awesome inked chick at some point. You, like, need a reason for a huge crowd scene in a city to put a bunch of one time, cool looking characters in.
It could be a cool challenge? Or instead of making it as part of a page for the comic, It could make for a great background in the extras section. That way you could take longer to pick away at it...?

Mind you, if I was gonna actually suggest a new item for the extras section my personal preference would be for a shot of Iri and Ayeta naked in a waterfall or hot springs...

So, not a tattoo eh? Interesting. Too straight and uniform to be scars... Natural skin pigmentation? Doubtful. Implants of some kind will be my guess for the moment.
Re: Tattoos; I think the four dots along her spine are vertebrae and the mark on her right shoulder blade is right where her uniform was torn. Could be a fresh scar.
No, not on the spine, or shoulder. Right on the back of her neck are two partial black outlined squares/rectangles.
Now I see them. According to Jagi (panel 1) there was a temple involved at one time...
could be an "Innie" as opposed to "outie" My wife was an "innie" till having a child and breastfeeding.
So does Jagi there have a reason for not turning off the light absorption thing or is that just a part of the outfit.
So far as we know, Jagi is actually buck naked, and that inky blackness is his skins natural state, and can not be "turned off".
God lord man, I know Jagi is one of the good guys. Well, at least I hope he is one of them, but damn View. The way his appearance is drawn is down right unsettling and borderline frightening. By no means am I saying Jagi is made poorly, quite the contrary, but is he meant to be this intimidating even when he is not trying to be?
As opposed to Iri, which does not look dangerous to us at all, but has just slaughtered a bunch of soldiers without any regret.

Oh yeah Jagi is scary ... but it's all about perspective.
I love it too. :)

also, for some reason, Iri reminds me of Huey Freeman from The Boondocks tv series. I think they'd hit it off too.