Comic 309 - Day 4
20th Jul 2013, 7:18 PM in A Big Fight
Day 4
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Flyin' in deeeep space
User comments:
We were wondering about that* too!

*(shooting holograms in a spaceship.)
Honestly I'm surprised that his shipboard sidearm is capable of piercing the walls like that - I'd imagine something more like a tazer or sleep darts or beanbags or something on shipboard.
He probably didn't think of that until he pulled the trigger, or shortly there after.
Those things aren't any use against the kind of enemies they're facing...
I suppose if your enemies are inside your ship you've got other priorities anyway.
Shooting at a hologram huh! To quick on the trigger there boy-yo!
He shouldn't be too hard on himself. Hologram or not, it was a good shot.
His reaction time is meaningless against future-sight, and any threatening opponent without future-sight is going to have already been handled by Iri before he even spots them.

He may as well be packing foam shots like Jagi.
No actually, shooting instinctively, before thinking about shooting, might be one of the few ways to actually damage them.
They see the future, not the intent. So shooting without thinking about it shouldn't have any real advantage.
No, i think the story so far has made clear that they sense intent.
Remenber the Iri/basballbat incident?
But Dragon has a constant intent, so he should show up fairly clearly.
Good save. *thumbs up*

This documentary is going to take longer to edit then to make it seems.
Judging by the materials he got by now, he is never the documentary. I kinda feel bad for him.
I sincerely hope he isn't trying to shoot 20 second a day. I mean, I'm pretty sure these are just the highlights of his daily fails.
Random thought: if you're still trying to get used to your new computer and programs, why not try making a new avatar for the comic to reflect the changes in your coloring style?
I agree, Iri looks very diverent Today.