Comic 307 - Day Two
17th Jul 2013, 11:04 PM in A Big Fight
Day Two
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User comments:
Ayata has a surprisingly good poker face going in the third panel. Too bad she can't keep it up.
2 days and 2 interviews. Both with nothing to bring in the viewers. Ha Ha
Of all people you'd think Ayata would be able to do a decent interview, but a cute face is just as good.
Day 0 was denied, day 1 had to retake due to wardrobe issues and day 2 interview isn't going any where. Would have better luck interviewing one of the janitor in one of the airlocks about mopping.
I think Ayata might be the most adorable character you've come up with yet. Although the one-eyed robot girl from NMtG comes close.
Gotta say, Ayata *is* awfully adorable.

Amd yes, Gretel was adorable too. :)
Gretel seemed sixteen or something though, so Ayata is more or less permanently adorable.
I'm seriously concerned that our reporter thinks that 'evil empire inc.' needs a reason to be dicks.
Well, navies are expensive. It's weird to throw them into the meat grinder for something that's got no military or industrial value.
In theory yes. But just how many wars have started "because we hate their guts"?
This comment reminded me of playing civilization.